Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cheap Webhosting

In an industry where fierce competition exists, web-hosting companies are all out to offer the cheapest deals in order to acquire a huge customer base. This specially applies to the newer bunch of web hosts as the older companies find it a tad daunting to raise their pricing structures. These bargain deals usually seem very attractive to the customers and are usually grabbed within no time. Deals like "unlimited bandwidth for just$1!" "Cheap web hosting bargains" and other such ads create a peaked interest among the customers and this trend has made the web hosting industry fiercely competitive.

While in most cases, cheap hosting services may be viewed with a doubtful mind; it is not necessary that cheap hosting services do not offer quality services. It is always a good idea to get the services of a cheap hosting provider who is offering the same server, bandwidth and disk space, control panel, type of data center as well as technical support as their competitors. The only difference lies in their pricing structures and perhaps their experience and/or longevity in the industry.

The cost involved in small web hosting companies that manage low-cost servers from an advanced data center is comparatively smaller. This makes it possible for the hosting providers to keep their pricing structures to a bare minimum.

Furthermore, the demand for dedicated servers has grown over the years and this competition has created the need for unmanaged, low cost server rentals.

The customer on the other hand wants superior services at a reduced monthly rental. Cheap web hosting has been made possible also because of reduced server costs as compared to its costs few years ago. Cheap web hosting companies also offer additional tools and features that are not always included within the expensive packages offered by other companies. For example, some companies offer backup services free of cost while others may charge a certain fee for this service. These diverse strategies adopted by the newer companies have proven to be quite effective. Every user does not always require backups and yet certain companies impose this service and the customer is impelled to pay for a service that is included in the given package.

Affordable or cheap web hosting companies usually offer all the basic features required to host a website and offer weekly backups as an additional or free feature within the hosting package. This greatly enhances the attraction quotient of the company. These companies usually offer services starting from $2 per month to $4 per month. While some potential customers may be a tad skeptical of the services, most of the cheap hosting providers out there are offering proficient support and quality services.

There is however no rule of thumb here to determine whether a cheap web-hosting provider is better than an expensive one. It is best to gather all relevant information on the given hosting company and analyze your own requirements and budget before you compare and choose a hosting provider for your website. lists web hosting coupons, deals, discounts, savings and exclusive promotions from the top web hosts. You will find the best of web hosting companies listed there including the most recommended web hosts and domain registrars - godaddy, bluehost and hostgator. It covers blog discussions and topics like web hosting discussions and hosting reviews

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Finding A Cheap cPanel Web Hosting Company

When you're just getting started online, one of the most confusing aspects to getting a website up and running is the web hosting.

There are so many companies trying to get your business, all offering seemingly excellent deals that it can be very tough to work out who the good companies are, and exactly what it is that makes them better than their competitors.

I often get asked to make recommendations to people about hosting in situations where the money is a little bit tight, and they're really just dipping their toe in the online waters.

In these cases my recommendation is always to go about the business of finding a cheap cPanel website hosting company.

But what is a cPanel web hosting company, and why should you be looking for one of these over some other kind of web hosting provider.

Well, without getting too technical, cPanel is basically a dashboard for your web hosting.

It lets you take care of things related to the hosting of your website without you needing to know a whole lot of technical stuff yourself.

So basically it makes the process of adding a website to your hosting as easy as possible.

Not all web hosting providers will offer cPanel as part of their hosting deals. I can remember my first experience online, not knowing what cPanel was and unfortunately I chose a company that didn't offer cPanel.

And while I ended up understanding the dashboard that they offered as an alternative, it was only when I moved to a new host that did offer cPanel, that I realised how much more difficult things had been on me without it.

So when you're looking for a web host, one of the first things you should check is that they offer cPanel.

The next thing you should do is try and find some reviews and testimonials.

The first place I'd recommend you look for these is from someone you know that already has some experience with websites.

Find out how their experience has been, especially with regards to customer service and website uptime.

Unfortunately many web hosts are poor in the area of customer service, and when you're under pressure trying to figure out why your website won't work, having a host that delivers good customer service can really help.

If you can, compile a bit of a short list from these reviews and testimonials.

With this short list you can then start going through each of the web hosting provider's websites to determine how they differ from each other, and which one offers a service that seems to be closest to what you're looking for.

The price comparison will obviously be a part of this if you're looking for a cheap hosting company, but you shouldn't quibble over one or two dollars a month if there is one service that really stands out above the others.

In the end it is your business and you need to treat it that way by investing in the cPanel website hosting company that is going to be the most effective for your needs.

Peter is an expert in the cPanel web hosting niche for over 14 years, his goal is to share as much information and educate all his readers. if you are new to the hosting industry i highly recommend that you visit

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Choosing the Best Cheap Web Hosting Service Provider - A Beginner's Guide

Small business owners and internet marketing newbies need cheap PHP web hosting, and for good reason. The good news is that in web hosting, cheap does not necessarily mean "poor services". This is brought by the heavy competition among hosting service providers. There are various hosting plans that anyone - even those with limited budget - can make use of.

Network Uptime

If you are running an online business, reliability should be your top concern. And so is opportunity cost. Note that better uptime is tantamount to more chances of getting leads and potential income. Every time your website is down because of web host service issues, you are, to some extent, losing money, so it is important to find a cheap web hosting service provider that can provide you 99% uptime.

State of the Art Data Centers

The quality of service you will get, particularly in terms of network uptime would depend on the type of equipment that the hosting company uses. Note that your website would run on their servers and if their equipment is not reliable, you would suffer from downtime and worse, loss of data. There should be data back up and the servers should be top-notch so your websites would perform well. You wouldn't want web pages that take ages to load.


These would vary depending on the hosting package you have chosen to avail of. How user-friendly and intuitive is the control panel? Does your package include the e-commerce option (SSL, Shopping cart features)? This is important if your small-business entails actually making sales as opposed to merely generating leads. Do they support autoresponders, email, pop3, imap and email forwarders? Are there PHP and MySQL capabilities?

Value for Money

Finding a truly cheap hosting plan is more than just looking for the lowest-priced offers. It is about looking for the best thing that you can get for whatever you can shell out - no matter how small the amount may be. A complete hosting package should be considered, unless of course the very basic packages would do, and there should be absolutely no hidden costs.

Upgrade Provision

There should also be an option to upgrade. Businesses do expand and if yours have been doing well, you would of course need more in terms of bandwidth, web space and even PHP limits. A good hosting package plan should allow for this with no hassle.

24/7 Support

At some point, you will need help. You will need some questions answered. And if you are running a business, there are questions and issues that just cannot wait. That is why 24/7 support is important.


You will need a cheap web hosting service provider that has an established reputation. Not only is it safer on your part. The problem with cheap-and-shady operators is that you may end up in the company of those who have been banned in search engines, and may even end up as one of them.

Rest assured that these days, you can get excellent cheap web hosting services without compromising website performance.

There are many affordable php web hosting companies out there. Choosing the best one is a necessity if someone wants to operate a successful website.

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Reasons to Use Cheap Web Hosting For Your Websites

A beginner of an online campaign should start with the basics of web hosting for his/her websites. Cheap web hosting has been preferred by most wise people those who wish to take their small online businesses to the next level. But at the same time, the webmasters should make sure that the sites are hosted with a provider that will guarantee the success for their businesses. The good news for all the newbie is that the internet consists of abundant number of cheap hosting companies for people to use. Before you decide to purchase a cheap web hosting package, you need to evaluate your needs and analyze the hosting company to assure your needs will be met with a quality web hosting service at a cheaper price. You should consider certain factors and need to do a good research before signing up with any cheap web hosting site.


Most of the people have a misconception that cheap means bad, and that the quality is low. But it is totally wrong to decide so before researching further. As hosting business blooms in an awful competition, even the top hosting companies are intended to provide several incentives to their customers that reduce the hosting price convincingly. This is the main reason for why the price of many hosting packages seems to be low, but the users should overlook the truth that the price has simply been discounted. The cheapest hosting providers should cater their services to the customers at a price less than $5 per month. This means that you no longer need to spend as much as $60 per year to host your sites with cheap web hosting. According to the most customer reviews about hosting, ipage is the cheapest hosting provider that can fit with the budget of a normal customer.

Reliability Factor

Cheap web hosting sounds good when the companies actually provide quality hosting service in good servers. By having your website in a good server, you will have better connection to the internet, better hardware reliability and better performance. By being an intelligent webmaster, you should look for the companies that can provide their service with assurance. No matter whether you are running a business or a personal website, you must try to seek for 99.9% uptime. Because most companies claim that they can provide that but fail to deliver. In addition, you can also go with the companies that provide money back guarantee since you can claim for refund if they failed to deliver what they have assured. Furthermore, you should look for companies that provide back-up system and 24 hours of physical security. By having all these features, then only your website is in a reliable state. It is very important since reliability is the only thing which let you to keep your customers. Many customer reviews reveal that fatcow is the cheap hosting service that also delivers higher reliability more than what the customers expect from them.

The Bottomline

Cheap web hosting package - it is not necessary to adopt it, since each hosting provider is unique in its own way, and offers several hosting plans. The customers can even opt for the free web hosting solution to host their sites. But this is not widely recommended, since the users have to make lots of compromises along the way. So the better option is to go with a cheap hosting service which is provided by web hosts in a shared environment. Yes, you share the server with the other websites but this is the widely used plan that is being utilized by around 90% of the webmasters. The price is affordable and the service you get is more than what you need to run your basic websites.

If you are a newbie to web hosting, then you have to choose a cheap hosting [] provider that will save your money. Since by using ipage coupon [] you can get discount from the provider, it will be better to consider this as your web host.

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Affordable Web Hosting Service for Your Business

On a daily basis, thousands of people are registering domain names and hosting their websites for their their personal use or their new business. However, how do you really know where to register your domain name and what service provider to sign up with for your web hosting services.

Here are 6 specific aspects you can look for to help you decide with company you choose to register your domain name and web hosting services.

First, it is necessary to decide on how many domain names you intend on registering and whether the domains will be either personal or for your business. The average cost for registering a domain can be anywhere from $1.00 to $15.00.
And, depending on the business you register, it could cost a fair bit more however, you would be able to find out the cost, once you search and register your domain.

Once your domain is registered, then you will need to direct your domains to a web hosting service company. But, what plan will you purchase and why?

If you have one or two domains, then opt for a basic plan which costs approximately $5.00 per month. You can always upgrade whenever necessary.

There are a few things to watch out for when looking to sign up for a hosting company.

1. Customer Service

One aspect in particular is: customer service. How can you contact the web hosting company? Is it by a 1-800 number or by live chat or both?

2. Hours of Operation

And, when are their hours of operation? Are they open from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, or are they open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week? This really makes a difference especially if you require help immediately for your business needs.

3. Amount of Web Space

Amount of web space is also important because if you have a small website 5MB of space will be plenty for your needs. However, a large site might require a bit more especially if you intend on adding a lot of images, videos or sound files.

4. FTP Access

It is necessary to have FTP access, in order to have the ability to upload your website pages easily. This is particularly helpful for web developers as well.

5. Email

Does your web hosting company allow for you to set up an email account and name your email whatever you wish? It is important to be able to select an email name that corresponds with your website in order to look professional as a business.

6. Control Panel

This is also known as the c-panel. It is important to have access to your own c-panel so that you can control adding or deleting passwords, email accounts. You definitely want control over your website so that when you need to make a change, you can quickly log into your account and make the necessary changes. It avoids having to speak with technical support for every change you need to make to your website.

There are other more technical requirements however, those items would be understood and taken care of by the programmer, who will work on and oversee your website.

When you search the internet, you will find hundreds of web hosting companies from which you can choose. For your convenience, Stellarpoint Inc. has very affordable web hosting services. This company has $1 web hosting and templates available for you to create a website, free of cost. There are three different web hosting plans available.

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